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We all have the innate capacity to heal ourselves and to grow into who we are meant to be. However, this natural process can be thwarted by various social influences, traumas, or seemingly unresolvable personality challenges. Psychotherapy is a framework that can help heal internal wounds and offer new perspectives on life's journey. As a psychologist, I serve as a guide on this inner journey to help you become more conscious of your latent processes and to tap back into your inherent resources.

With an integrative approach, I treat adults, adolescents, and families who are navigating various concerns, such as emotional turbulence, relational challenges, adjusting to a major life transition. More specifically, individuals may be dealing with perinatal/postnatal mental health struggles, challenging shifts in family structure, grief, work/school stressors. I specialize in treating trauma with somatically informed, body-oriented psychotherapies, i.e., somatic experiencing (SE), eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP). 

I value the importance of understanding each client individually and utilizing the tools that will most benefit one's unique needs. Clients have described how our work together promotes their ability to deepen inner awareness and to experience more vitality and a greater sense of harmony within and around themselves. 

At this time, I am meeting with clients both remotely and in-person. Please read more about my practice. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you have about my services. I look forward to hearing from you.  

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